Garden Bird Feeder

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  • Proudly MADE IN INDIA with 100% Recycled Wood
  • Can be Mounted on Mount near windows, balcony, wall or tree
  • With clear window so you can view the squirrels while they eat
  • For best results feed peanuts or NFS Bird Feeder mix. Do not feed bird with salty and oily food
  • Disclaimer: The squirrels might take few days to few months to visit the feeder as it’s a natural process and depends upon the squirrels in your locality. The squirrel feeder is not a magnet which will attract squirrel from far and wide hence one need to have patience
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Believe it or not, feeding squirrels can be fun and entertaining. As they keep you engaged with the acrobatics. This helps them to get a year round source of food helping in increasing there population. This attractive wall mounted Squirrel feeder is an ideal addition to any home, garden or office to bring it alive with adorable squirrels. Nature Forever squirrel Feeder is made of recycled wood, finished in a beautiful cool green cover finish. It can be mounted easily in your window, balcony or on a tree in your garden. Attractive plexiglass front for checking the food level. It’s roof opens up, making it easy to refill food. You can use peanuts or NFS Bird Feeder refill to attract Squirrels. Nature Forever Society products are Proudly MADE IN INDIA. They support conservation of native Indian flora and Fauna.

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Weight1500 g
Dimensions30.5 × 15.25 × 20.3 cm


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